• Bruino(TO)
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FIGIT International Srl was founded in 1990 born as a family company and continuing its core business in Bruino, just outside Turin.

The core activties are the production of industrial sealings and cold stamping. In particular, we work with products made in steel, stainless steel, galvanized iron, aluminum, brass and other alloys materials with thickness from 0,1 to 2 mm. We are both specialized in flat or in small deep drawing components.

Products can be manufactured either with customized dies – which are specifically made – or with dies provided by the customer itself. Starting from a sample or a drawing, dies are designed and manufactured by our internal department.
We consider this aspect as our strenght because it allows us to quickly spot the errors and internally check the problems along the whole process. In this way, we can achieve an efficient producion process, minimizing at most both timing and takt-time.
The production is structured to produce both small lots and big amounts thanks to the automatic machineries. We are equipped with mechanic and hydraulic presses from 30 to 100 tons.
We are always available to evaluate new types of products and projects.

In addition to this we have been certified with SGQ UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 - Reg. n. 1135/A